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Are You Re-shuffling Stale Information?
When Ivan Panin, during his life-work of 30 years, proved on over 40,000 hand-written mathematic pages that the Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek Alphabetic Number symbols in scripture are in perfect order, and that the only bible version reflecting that is the one ...

Some words about anti-aging and disease prevention
The aging process is for the greater part no mystery anymore. It consists for a great part of daily damages done on the macroscopic, tissue, cellular and genetic levels. These add up as the years are passing. These damages have specific causes like ...

The Leadership Development Plan
Many people are born leaders, yet the ability to lead is actually an art and an amazing collection of skills, which can be learned and sharpened through a series of daily habits and activities. The following ten keys will provide the foundation for a ...

10 Steps To Look Younger
The secret of the youth has been searched since long time ago. Many researchers have done some experiments to find ways to slow down the aging process.

There are some techniques which have been implemented, but the most important things for us to do are being consistent in implementing healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

We can't stop the natural change, but we can still look younger if we want to work hard to slow down the aging process.

Therefore, I'm going to help you with 10 easy steps to make you look younger:

Detox - It's important to start detoxification, getting rid of toxin from our body. Our body metabolism has done that process, but in everyday life we are exposed to so many chemical hazards from air, food and environment. Fasting or just consuming fruits and vegetables are ways to detoxify our body.

Sleep - Having enough sleep at least 6-8 hours a day will make our skin healthier. Having a good sleep is also important because growth hormone is working during that time. It renews the old cell of our body, include the skin cell. Our skin will look fresh and young if we have enough sleep.

Food - Eating healthy and safe food everyday will make our body fit, slim and also look younger. Try to eat more fish instead of red meat. Fiber food, vegetables, fruits, and supplements are important food to consume. Drink less coffee and other caffeine beverages.

Exercise - Through routine exercise, we will feel happier, energetic, and confident. It also increases our bone density and muscle which can make our body look 15-20 years younger. Beside aerobic, walking, and swimming, goes also to the gym to do lifting exercise.

Relax - By trying to be relaxed, our face will look younger. Stress and worries appear on our face. If we can manage our stress and feel at peace, our face will look younger and attractive.

Be Positive - A positive mind and affirmation we said can bring positive life to us. Negative thought tend to bring failure and make us look older and unattractive. Meditation is one way to make positive thoughts.

Medical Check-up - Just like a car, our body also needs attention and care so it can work well everyday. Having routine medical checkups during our healthy time is important to recognize diseases as soon as possible.

Active Life - Always try to be active during your life. Activities can increase health; and if you are in your elder age, your memory will increase too.

Social Life - Happy social life can increases our spirit, bring peaceful mind, and make us feel and look younger. Communication with our friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and others can bring happiness to us.

Performance - Start to look at our performance. Is our body weight ideal for us? If not, try to fix that to the best ideal weight. Also look to the skin, hair, nail and teeth. Those are important as they will show our age. Looks good and feels good will increase our performance.

About the author:

Riana Lance writes about health in some publications. Twice a week she informs her health tips and knowledge in a newsletter. Subscribe to get your free twice a week newsletters so you can stay healthy for the rest of your life from Heathifica.com

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